25 Watt LED Street or Carpark Light                                                                       EO‐SPL‐M25



28 Watt LED Carpark or Street Light


LED Source Cree High Power LED, Q4/Q5 107‐‐122 lumen /watts
LED Quantity EO‐SPL‐M25
LED Initial Flux 2675 lumens
Lamp Total Power 28 Watts
Power Efficiency 85%
Lamp Total Flux 1650 lumens (Tj=25 oC)
Lamps Efficiency 59 lumens/ watts
Average Illumination andEffective Illumination Area 4m Height‐‐ 13m x 5m‐‐ >29 LUX 6m Height‐‐ 20m x 8m‐‐ >16 LUX 8m Height‐‐ 26m x 10m‐‐ >10 LUX 10m Height‐‐ 33m x 13m‐‐ >5 LUX
Light Distribution Curve (BeamPattern) Asymmetrical (Bat Wing)/ Rectangular Beam
Input Voltage 85‐‐264V AC or 10 – 28V DC
Frequency Range+ 47‐‐63Hz
Power Factor >0.95
Total Harmonic Distortion <20%
Constant Current DC 6‐‐ 400m A
Storage Temperature ‐‐40OC‐‐ + 80oC
Working Environment ‐‐40OC‐‐ + 50oC, 10%‐‐ 95% RH
No. of LED’S 24 X 1 Watt CREE LED
Junction Temperature 60OC+ 10% (ta = 25o C)
Light Body and Lampshade Material Aluminum Alloy and PC
Net Weight 6.3kg
Beam Angel Horizontal Axis; 120o, Vertical Axis: 60o
Average Life Expectancy >50,000 hrs
Gross Weight 7.3 kg
Rendering Index Ra =>75.0
Dimensions 629 x 315 x 86
Package Dimensions 680 x 380 x 160 (1 PC)
Colour Temperature Cool White 5000‐‐7000 kelvinPure White 3700‐‐5000 kelvinWarm White 2600‐‐3700 kelvin
Safety Assurance CE and RoHS
Warranty 2 Year