30 Watt Track and Spot Light                                                                              EO-TRS-RC-30W

30 Watt LED Track and Spot Light


Product Code EO-TRS-RC-30W
Power Consumption 28.92W (LCP)
Colour TempWarm White Cool white Daylight 3000 Kelvin4000 Kelvin 5000 Kelvin
Colour Rendering Index CRI 84 or 93 CRI option available
Lumen Output Warm White CRI 84Warm White CRI 93 Cool White CRI 84 Cool White CRI 93 Daylight CRI 84 Daylight CRI 93 2130 Lumen 1700 Lumen 2280 Lumen 1820 Lumen 2400 Lumen 1900 Lumen
Beam Angle 24’ or 36’ available (interchangeable reflectors)
Input Voltage AC 240-­‐260v (Ext power supply)
Operational Voltage 38V
Constant Current DC 720mA +/-­‐ 5%
Power Factor 0.94 PF
Dimmable Option Not available
Cut out 178mm
Finish Satin White rim Black insert trim Polished reflector
Includes 240v prewired flex and plug
 Measurement D 190mm, H130mm, Cut out 178mm
Life Expectancy 30,000+ hours
Warranty 2 years
Certificate CS 9 567N
IEC 6 0598.2.1B IEC
Certificate o f S uitability CS9567NN28689
Life Expectancy 50,000 + H rs
Warranty 4 Years

EO-TRS-RC-30W-img   Application: Studios, Galleries, retail shops, shopping malls, guesthouse, hotels, museums, meeting rooms, foyers


  • Super high light efficiency –architectural finish
  • Commercial spot light-­‐
  • High CRI colour accuracy
  • Eliminate shadowing of multi lens system
  • Integrated optimised thermal management system
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