“Central Coast Leagues Club had experienced dramatic increases in energy costs in the years leading up to our decision to adopt some energy saving strategies. As well as the economic advantages of doing this, the Club, with over 50,000 members and 24,000 sq meters in size felt somewhat morally obligated to reduce its carbon footprint.

An Energy audit was commissioned by the Club and after an comprehensive study, the Audit recommended several projects for the Club to undertake to reduce its power bills.

High on this list was changing our lighting technologies from halogen to LED.

E O Lighting were recommended to us as the most qualified provider to complete a project of this size. The project’s size necessitated it to be staged. Stage one was to replace approx. 1,200 LED down lights and stage two was to replace over 1,700 other lights of varying sizes and types. Each stage of the project was completed over a period of a few weeks and completed in a manner as to not disturb the efficient running of the Club and its business partners.

We found EO Lighting to be extremely professional, efficient and flexible with the project and at all times worked with the Club to achieve the best possible outcomes. The Club was regularly updated with all aspects of the project and EO Lighting worked closely with our maintenance staff during the entire project from scoping to the final installation. The savings in energy costs have been achieved in line with or better than what was estimated in their proposal.

This has given the Club confidence to proceed with other energy efficient projects because of the success of working with EO Lighting.”

Tony Mills

Finance Manager, Central Coast Leagues Club

pf247 “Being the owner of a 24/7 gym I am always conscious of my energy consumption. Since discussing with Elke about how we can improve this I have not looked back. I am completely happy with the customer service I received not only from the sales staff but all of the installation team who made the whole process an easy and hassle free switch. We have had many comments on the lights from staff and members which is great knowing I made the right choice for my small business” Ryan Elson

McGraths Hill Franchisee, Plus Fitness 24/7