EO Lighting – who we are?


EO Lighting is a wholly Australian owned company which specialises purely in LED lighting technology.  We are committed to helping businesses manage the transition to this sustainable, cleaner, energy efficient light source.

EO Lighting offers a vast array of energy saving LED products, including bulbs and fixtures to suit any type of indoor and outdoor lighting. These neutral white LEDs create bright and natural lighting for offices, schools, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, distribution centres, parking lots, garages, retail centres and more.  EO Lighting offers complete turnkey LED solutions, installed by licensed professionals during off-peak and week-end hours to provide minimal disruption to your business.

Our Head Office is in Sydney, with branches in Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. We service clients and projects Australia-wide.


Did you know?


Lighting represents approximately 25–30% of most organisations’ energy consumption.  By simply changing your lighting to LED, you can reduce your lighting power bill at least by half or in many cases much higher.

Our consultants can calculate your current costs and provide accurate cost modelling and quotations that enable you to determine your return on investment.  Paybacks can be as rapid as 1 to 2 years, depending on your electricity tariffs and running times.
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EO Lighting is Australia’s leading LED lighting company and provides energy-efficient and environmentally responsible lighting solutions to businesses and organisations across the country.

Our lamps and products contain no harmful hazardous waste materials such as mercury or glass.  EO Lighting has LED lighting technology that can significantly reduce your electricity consumption and can cut lighting power bills as much as 90%.

EO Lighting LED lamps replace standard halogen dichroic lamps, fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps, street lights and flood lamps and reduce your running costs, reduce ongoing replacement and maintenance costs and are the best available to ensure your health and safety.

EO Lighting’s LED lamps are also recyclable and are the smart green alternative for sustainable, energy-efficient lighting.

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NECA (National Electrical & Communications Association) has issued warnings that there are reports of instances of non-labelled  or branded lamps being imported that do not comply with Australian Safety Standards and are potentially dangerous.  With the increasing number of start-up and/or companies with no track record in the LED and lighting industry, make sure you check for compliances and safety certification.

You can rest assured that EO Lighting ensures that all our products are manufactured to meet Electrical Safety Standards and have Australian compliance certification and identification.  This is especially important for building owners and electrical contractors who have an obligation to make sure products are safe.

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