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Dame Patti Menzies House - LED Lighting throughout building


In August 2011 ACTPG implemented a full upgrade of the lighting in Dame Pattie Menzies House (DPMH). The implementation was thoroughly researched and electrical compliance was monitored by Dennis Harvey, Senior Electrical Regulator with ACTPLA.  The research indicated that LED was a suitable solution and would provide greater savings than other technologies.

ACTPG selected Eo Lighting via competitive tender process based on their demonstrated performance, product quality and reliability.  A small area was chosen within the building office area for a pilot product evaluation prior to implementation.  Pre and post lux readings were taken showing equivalent, or in many areas, superior results to existing lamp technology (predominately fluorescent and halogen).

Initial modelling of the projected power savings forecasted approximately a 50% reduction in lighting power consumption, whereby lighting power consumption was measured to be around 34% of the entire power consumption of the building.  Therefore, an expected result of 17.5% of total energy consumption for the building was anticipated.

ACTPG have been monitoring the electrical consumption at DPMH and the results have been exceptional with total kWh consumption reduced by more than 32% across the entire site as additional savings from power factor correction and heat load reduction have assisted the outstanding results.

Over 2,950 existing lights and tubes were replaced throughout the building.

The new LED lights that were installed were:

2,558 x EO-SMD-T8-1200 18w tubes

70 x EO-DL10w downlights

310 x EO-G24 8w lamps

12 x EO-FLW 50w floodlights



Existing Consumption   397,418 kW pa

Existing Energy Cost     $83,457 pa

Dame Patti Menzies House - LED Lighting outside
Dame Patti Menzies House - LED lighting outside building



Upgrade Consumption 175,877 kW pa

Upgrade Energy Cost     $36,934 pa


Annual kW Saving          221,541 kW 

Annual Cost Saving       $46,523


Annual Carbon Saving   234,834 kg

Maintenance Savings    $26,000 pa

Energy Savings                 56% 



Upgrade Cost                     $196,900

ROI (payback period)         1.3 years

Dame Patti Menzies House - View of LED lighting from outside at night


“We found Eo Lighting to be extremely professional to deal with and met or exceeded all of ACT Property Group’s requirements.  The DMPH lighting project has become a landmark case and based on the excellent results, this has led the way for lighting upgrades to be initiated for ACTPG entire property portfolio.”

Lance Fox, Senior Project Manager – ACTPG

Dame Patti Menzies House - LED lights in foyer waiting room