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Jaybro Civil & Safety Products

Arndell Park, NSW

Jaybro Reception LED Lighting


Eo Lighting were contracted to supply and install our energy efficient LED lighting by Jaybro Civil & Safety Products throughout their offices and warehouse facility at Arndell Park, NSW.

Througout all office areas existing twin 36 watt T8 fluorescent tube troffers were replaced with our elegant architectural grade low glare linear troffers, reducing the consumption of 80 watts per fitting down to 27 watts.  The LED lights also assisted with power factor correction and further energy savings.

Jaybro staff love the new fittings citing a noticeable improvement in the colour and quality of light.  Eo LED lights were also installed in the warehouse where they are using a combination of 100′ polished reflector high bays and rectangular linear high bays with polar pattern optimised lenses.

Post installation energy saving results were higher than forecasted with Jaybro management now undertaking lighting upgrades in their other facilities throughout Australia with Eo Lighting.

Total 331 lamps replaced with:

151 x LED 150 watt high bays

180 x LED integrated linear troffers


Existing Consumption   441,840 kW pa

Existing Energy Cost       $61,857 pa


Jaybro Warehouse - LED Weatherproof Batten Lighting
LED Office Lighting - Jaybro
LED Office Lighting - Jaybro



Upgrade Consumption 126,918 kW pa

Upgrade Energy Cost   $17,768 pa



Annual kW Saving          314,922 kW

Annual Cost Saving        $44,089

Maintenance Savings    $5,050 pa

Energy Savings                72% 




Upgrade Cost                     $134,590

NSW ESS Credit                   $60,220

Net Upgrade Cost               $74,370

ROI (payback period)          1.5 years

Jaybro Warehouse LED High Bay Lights
LED Office Lighting - Jaybro


“Energy saving results were dramatically apparent on our energy bill one month after the installation and better than the conservative forecast that Eo Lighting stated in their proposal. I have no hesitation in recommending Eo Lighting to anyone else considering improving their lighting and reducing energy costs”

Scott Montgomery – Facility Manager Jaybro

LED Office Lighting - Jaybro