In environments where several people perform individual or group activities it is essential to ensure the right acoustic comfort for more effective work or learning. Many studies have shown how a harmonious environment that meet acoustic comfort standards greatly assists in the reduction of stress, improve teaching, listening and learning and can even increase custom loyalty.

In indoor areas such as conference halls, theatres, restaurants, offices & hotels etc, where environmental noise levels need to be kept low and sound signals sharply defined, it is essential to guarantee an appropriate level of acoustic comfort. The materials chosen to achieve this must seek to guarantee optimal reverberation times for the purpose of the environment.

A series of products have been designed and developed to solve the various acoustic issues in a wide range of different environments. Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing products have been subjected to reverberation room testing in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 354 standard, depending on the type of application (wall, horizontal hanging cables, free-standing, etc.). Technical details and certificates are available on request.

The integration of LED lighting into the range of products from Caruso Acoustic includes sound absorbing:

ceiling panels  –  wall panels  –   desk panels  –  free standing  –  suspended elements


With a great choice of colours, fabrics and finishes from our standard range we can provide solutions to suit your project or custom design to even include printed graphics on the fabrics.

An essential requirement of all our solutions and applications is that they guarantee the correct light output through lighting technology analysis and design so we can best interpret the angle of the beam of light and ensure compliance to meet recommended AS1680 lux standards specific to your environment.

Made In Italy, the Caruso Acoustic range of products are all hand crafted to the highest standards.

One of the principles behind all of Caruso’s production experience is the synergy between acoustics and lighting. The integration of LED lighting systems into sound-absorbing panels is a highly interesting specification which Caruso Acoustic has been able to achieve.
The advantages of LED lighting include:
energy efficiency, since they last longer than traditional lights and consume less energy, which helps reduce costs
shock, thermal shock, moisture and vibration resistance thanks to their low voltage
the cleanliness of the light (LED lights do not emit ultraviolet or infrared radiation and are flicker-free)
the versatility of the light in creating lighting scenarios depending on the different requirements and environments
the option of adjusting the intensity of the beam of light (dimmer)

Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels are made of a metal frame, an internal sound-absorbing material and a fabric covering.
The removable fabric covering, available in a wide range of colours, is Oeko-Tex certified, while the internal sound-absorbing materials are subjected to repeated production checks to guarantee the best quality and durability.


The metal framework of the Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panel is made from technical materials and finishing elements specifically selected to guarantee a solid, stable and durable structure.



Basotect® by Basf® is an eco-friendly material, produced without the use of halogenated hydrocarbons or toxic heavy metals. Product components made from melamine resin also weigh less, which helps to lower emissions during transportation. Another important characteristic of Basotect® by Basf® is that it complies with major international fire safety regulations given that it is a thermosetting material. Its internal structure gives lightness and flexibility to this material.
Whisper® by Stratocell® is a waterproof, flexible, free-standing material. It does not require a protective coating against humidity and it complies with the current fire safety regulations. It is made from expanded polyethylene foam and given its high acoustic performance, less material is required, which thereby optimises its applications and cuts down on waste.

Innovation in a room’s comfort and customisation: these are the two principles of Caruso Acoustic’s philosophy. Every sound-absorbing element can be adapted to its intended room thanks to 22 colors and infinite combinations. While the acoustic analysis defines the room’s acoustic well-being objectives, the functional requirements from an aesthetic point of view are met through the complete customisation of the sound-absorbing panels.



In addition to our standard range of 22 colours we can produce any Pantone ® colour or even print custom graphics.


All Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels are easily removable and washable.

Our Silente, Dot, Nuvola, Flag, Scriba and D-Space finished products are compliant with the European fire prevention standards UNI EN 13501-01 Class B-s2, d0 for Basotect® melamine resin by Basf®, UNI EN 13501-01 Class B-s1, d0 for Whisper® by Stratocell®, and with the US regulatory standard USA ASTM E84- 15b.
These products also comply with existing health and safety legislation for the new formaldehyde classification. In particular, they are certified against the release of formaldehyde under EN 717-1:2004 with values of mg/m3 <0.01 – ppm <0.01.

Caruso Acoustic Lighting – timber effect custom graphic

Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing products come with a wide range of accessories: from the wall or ceiling fixing kits with bars to the fixing kit with cables for hanging panels from the ceiling, as well as bases for the floor or desk and fixing kits for desk panels.

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